pondělí 5. března 2012

Movement in space (image stretch) - in progress

Work deals with the a landscape view, with a focus on the space and the volume of individual parts. I was fascinated by my own movement in the environment, distance and rapid or slow changes in the atmosphere of location. I wanted to take advantage of the fact that, I´m in a acompletely foreign in local environment, witch about I know only a few.  During my stay in Spain I was constantly going on long trips around the neighborhood and this way, I was  creating my own map of environment. In this case I wanted to find a simple and symbolic solution.

One of the main symbol for me was the mountain, it is introduced as an element of something that can´t be moved or changed by our forces. These are two main characters that were key for me.

I decided to take a trip around the mountain.  And to record it, in that way, which would allow us visualizes of capacity the mountains and its innner space.

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